Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Give Thanks -- Pets

I am sitting here this morning with Makayla trying to fit herself into the chair next to me. We are dog sitting for Ben, Jeremy's Keeshond, and Riordin, the cat that returned is sitting across the room on Chris' lap. Only Louis, the white rag doll cat is missing from the scene this morning hanging out wherever he is.

It is a bit of a circus.

But, I love it. The pets provide comic relief and at the same time are somewhat demanding. It is like I have children again.

Makayla greets me at the door--not unlike the way that Dino used to greet Fred Flintstone in the old cartoon except that I don't get run over by her. I enjoy being greeted at my door when I return. Riordin tries to sit in my lap whenever I am on my laptop or iPad--just to make life difficult. Weekends like the present, when Ben or Patrick's Chewbacca are staying over, provide additional fun like separate walks to ensure bodily functions are complete.

Pets are work--but they are a blessing. Pets provide companionship just in being around. I am reminded of a situation in the bible when Job had just lost everything and his friends arrive and sit with him for seven days without saying a word. (Job 2:13) Now I am not equating Job's three friends with pets, but am illustrating only that sometimes words do not need to be spoken--it is the act of being together that is important.

Pets, well trained house pets like mine, are around and are part of life. Whether laying at my feet, or in my lap, or on the floor a short while away--they are with me and near me.

The blessing of pets is companionship. Walks are not accomplished alone and by caring for pets we practice the skills necessary to sacrifice of ourselves to care for others.

-- Bob Doan Elkridge, MD

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