Saturday, November 26, 2011

Axis and Allies -- 2011, The Tradition Continues

One of the holiday traditions in our family is the day after Thanksgiving Axis and Allies game, which the guys enjoy while stuffing ourselves with leftovers and sipping beer or wine (or both).

Yesterday's game was a marathon as we played a new version of the classic game which had enough rule changes to make it seem as if we were learning the game all over again. And, in reality, we were.

Unlike last year, the Allies persevered for the victory in the longest game we have ever played spanning over eight hours. Unfortunately, I was playing the Axis and lost a hard fought game in which the Japanese owned the Pacific and were threatening Moscow, but the combined Allied weight in Europe was too much for Germany to overcome. Much like the real WWII events, Germany fell first and then Japan surrendered.

Fun, interaction, and of course problem solving and managing forces. It was all good.

Holiday traditions are fun. This year, for the first time, Ethan participated and so did Tina. Next year's event is something we are already looking forward to.

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