Friday, November 25, 2011

After Turkey Day Traditions

Black Friday.

For some it is the official beginning to the Christmas Season. A true shopping orgy of cosmic proportions.

It is an unofficial holiday of its own--one where those of us lucky enough to be able to set our own leave schedules can take the day after Thanksgiving and create a four-day weekend.

We transition from a holiday born of sharing the abundance of the harvest with our neighbors into one where the early bird gets the good deal and all-out sales and shopping warfare is practiced.

I am up early today, enjoying the afterglow of a solid Ravens victory last night and watching the women of the house prepare to set out in their vehicles to risk life and finances in search of the best deals on things they don't even knoww they want or need, yet.

Perhaps Black Friday is a social event. A sub-culture of its own created by retailers to separate normally rational people from their hard earned and over-taxed money.

Of course the alternate view to shopping is what the guys of the family do--Axis and Allies Friday. The guys in our family gather together on Black Friday to play recreations of WWII--either the whole war or the Pacific or European theaters. It is something we have been doing for many years, and although we are significantly smaller in number this year--with one guy in Guam (Jimmy), one working (Patrick), and one out of town visiting his in-laws (Jeremy), the game goes on. Ethan will soon be old enough to carry the hopes of a World War II nation on his shoulders.

Th best part of Axis and Allies Friday is not necessarily the game itself, but the left overs from the feast of the day before.

I hear day old fruit salad calling to me even now, early in the morning.

Have a great day, wherever you are and whatever you are doing today.

-- Bob Doan Elkridge, MD

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