Saturday, October 8, 2011

Slipping Out of Town

We slipped out of town last evening for a weekend get-away to the Atlantic shore of Maryland. Aside from being trapped in traffic around Annapolis for over an hour, the trip was easy and we drove most of the way with the top down on Cat, until it got colder than we could stand. It was a bit funny though since my feet were cooking as the heat blew out of the vent and my arms were getting colder in the breeze.

The horrific traffic right at the beginning almost ruined the trip--but we were able to remain civil knowing that it would end at the Severn River Bridge--and so it did. I wonder where it all goes after the bridge.

So we have made our way to a weekend hide-away to enjoy life and reconnect after the frantic pace of the past few weeks.

'Twas a spur of the moment decision--and there is so much happening this weekend right near us.

I wanted to bring Makayla, but is it probably better that she is enjoying a play weekend with cousin Chewie.

OK--so it's 44 degrees outside right now---not really beach weather. But it is supposed to warm up to 75--soon I hope.

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