Thursday, October 13, 2011

On the Beach, again

On the beach this weekend, Chris took a really creative image of a fence in the sand.

It was very stark, but very much like one of those images that are published in beach magazines.

What a beautiful day. What an awesome blue sky.

Could it have been a better weekend? Especially during October?

And then the geese flying south brought me a shot of reality. I actually took this one.

No, this is not Key West. It is Virginia--and I am only dreaming that I am living in the land of endless summer, I am really still in Maryland, not that that is bad, it just isn't perfect, yet.

The geese call to me as they escape the cold of the north for the warmth of more southern climates.

I dream of being a snow bird.


But last weekend I was imitating a lizard in the sun. And what could be wrong about that?

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