Saturday, October 29, 2011

October Snow

I heard it said on the news--"We'll have more on our October snow in a minute." So nonchalant. Almost with a hint of joy in the announcer's voice as she was discussing the Nor'easter forming off the Hatteras coast.

The weekend is going to be another washout, or maybe whiteout would be a better phrase.

No blue skies in sight as the gray, wet morning dawns.

And the snow forecast is not trivial for our area--2-5 inches. Of snow! In October.

It is clear that autumn has lost its grip even before the trees have finished disrobing. It should make for some really interesting pictures though. Snow on the golden and red leaves.

For now though, rain and 35 degrees cold. The remaining leaves are falling off the trees as fast as they can to cover the ground with their protective blanket from the oncoming assault.

And so, I will be hunkering down again. Maybe some crown moulding work in the kitchen to fill my time. And some images of snow on the pumpkins--a juxtaposition of seasons.

Just a couple of weeks ago I was lounging on a beach in 80 degree October sunshine--and now there is no sunshine, only gray impending snow showers.

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