Saturday, October 22, 2011

October Night

Low clouds moved fast across the face of the half full moon
stars as beacons pierced the voids of dark black sky
leaves rained down as October slides into November
wind collecting them into ever increasing piles leaving
bare branches to cast eerie shapes across the lawn.

Calling out in the moonlight, a lonely fox makes her presence known
the slumbering house is awakend by the barking of the dog inside
seeking to answer the fox's quest for companionship
stirring, unkept faces push their noses onto the window pains
trying to understand the commotion and reason they no longer sleep.

From the shadows she yells out again--the dog in the house responds
the moon breaks out for a moment, illuminating the fox in the driveway
baring her teeth as if smiling at the commotion she is causing
they briefly reflect the pale light as it flickers behind another cloud
she stands, glances at the house and moves off into the night's shadows

Casting uneven light across the "middle of the night" scene, the moon flickers
noses move from the windows and disappear into the dark house
quiet now the dog has ceased its barking and moves away from the door
returning to a warm bed, turning around before resuming slumber
the night is again quiet

Leaves contine to pile into mounds in the yard
the fox stalks a rabbit, unaware of the impending doom
life is everywhere, despite the dark and quiet
and the moon continues to bathe the scene in its light
while the newly bare trees reach longingly to the sky.

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