Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October Arrives

Cold rain slapped hard on my face
punctuating the 40 degree bone chilling cold
that greeted me at the door as I
stepped outside to start the day.

October arrived cold and raw
driven rain greeting me on my stoop
dark mornings as the sun lags
by rising later for each new day.

The goblins are waiting for their night
by then darkness will fall
before I get home from work
and the moon will master the evening light

Cold and wet, even my dog resists
it just isn't fun to be in the still green grass
watching the trees don their autumn garb
and then lose it to the ground.

The pool is closed and quiet now
slumbering in advance of the coming snows
waiting for the sunlight to reign again
and shake off the approaching darkness

October, arrived with no applause
and grasped the remnants of summer fun
shaking off the light and plunging
day into ever increasing darkness.

Cold hard rains that too soon turn to snow
and become drifts obscuring the yard
with ice and cold and darkness.
October please, do not long tarry.

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