Thursday, October 20, 2011

NPDH - A Periodic Update

Learning to live with the constant headache of NDPH is an interesting and sometimes frustrating approach to life.

I thought things were getting into a good place for the past couple of weeks as the headaches were manageable and, more often than not, I could imagine being almost headche free.

The other day though, for an unknown reson, the hedache decided to really start banging and the intensity has turned up to the levels I had seen when they began. At times, I could not even think.

Fortunately, I was saved a bit by an evening racquetball match which helped me to get ahead of the pain for the evening.

I don't know if it is aggravated by the weather or what--but this week has been bad.

I am beginning to really scrutinize what I am eating, or snacking on, to see if there is a relationship. My acivities are also beginning to shed some light on the aggravators as well. For instance, last evening, while driving in the torrential downpour, it was bad.

Fortunately wine, in small doses, still works to turn the intensity down and dinner really helped.

This morning things seem back to the levels I am more accustomed to--but there is a long day ahead. I will see how it goes.

- Elkridge, Maryland

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