Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday Musings - October 3, 2011

1. Baseball is on to the playoffs. It always amazes me that after playing 162 games, teams can end the season with such similar records.

2. It was cold here to start October. It seemed as if the weather was watching the calendar, too.

3. I ran across an interesting quote: "Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake." ~ Napoleon Bonaparte

4. Important safety tip for Maryland driving--apparently as of 1 October, we can no longer even look at our cell phones while we are operating a vehicle--but we can continue to stuff ourselves with a Big Mac and fries. Maryland obviously wants us all to be heavier so the state can spend more on health care.

5. The inspection of the Washington Monument in the aftermath of the earthquake is continuing. I read there are some large cracks in the top. I saw an image of men suspended from safety gear round the secured to the top of the monument. I wonder who went out first without ropes to put the safety ropes around the top?

6. This week the next best sport regular season begins--NHL Hockey. Lets go Pens!

7. Wouldn't it be cool if Congress was run like a major sports team. After a dismal season they could be dismissed and replaced. Oh yeah--they can! It is called an election.

8. Happy new fiscal year (which started Saturday). Maybe we can get a budget soon.

9. The house is quiet now--the games are completed. But yesterday, with the addition of Patrick's big TV the place looked like a sports bar with three different games playing and the Red Zone channel monitoring the progress.

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