Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Images from Assateague

We had a great weekend and as with all of our vacations, we remember the highlights via camera.

We actually imaged an endangered species this weekend--the Delmarva Peninsula Fox Squirrel. Who knew they were endangered--they are squirrels after all. He was very photogenic--and we actually saw two of them--but we didn't realize they were endangered until we saw the second one.

We also experienced the not so great part of nature and imaged a snake

taking a frog out for lunch. Actually the frog was lunch. To say it was really neat would minimize the feelings of the frog as it was dinner--but that after all is nature and the circle of life.

The birds and the scenery we saw during the weekend were fantastic. As was the beach.

It is reassuring to know that the beach and the wild beauty are so close to the congestion that we live and drive in every day.

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