Friday, October 28, 2011

Hunker Down

Cold weather and rain or snow. Last evening we hunkered down for the first time of the coming season.

Suffering from developing a head cold, I had to bring in the plants to save them from the expected frost and it was raining. In the process I scared the ferral cat which has taken up residence in our pool area--probably because Chris is feeding it daily. Chris has named the cat "Hope" while I have named it "No Way."

We sat around continuing to learn the wonders of the Apple iCloud and watching some of the funniest TV of the week--specifically Big Bang Theory.

But Friday is upon us and with it the promise of the weekend.

There are sure to be many more nights where we just hunker down and enjoy the light and life of the house to offset the cold and dark of the late-autumn and winter evenings.

The dog kept walking to the windows and looking out into the dark--I am sure she too was wondering why we were all just hunkering down, it ws so unlike us.

But we needed the evening.

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