Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Weekend

Those who know me know that I am not a huge fan of Halloween. This year, because Halloween is on a Monday, it seems that the celebration has become a weekend-long event. Even I was at a local mall yesterday, escaping the rain and the cold, to watch the young children in their costumes dragging their parents behins as they paraded around to the various shops and stores to partake in the annual tradition of Trick or Treating. In a safe and warm environment.

I posted some images of our youngest grandchild, Lucas, dressed in his lion costume and apparently oblivious to everythiing happening around him but having a great time out with his mom and dad and two of his grandparents. I had fun watching him as we wound our way around the mall with the hundreds of other young Trick or Treaters.

So I found a few hours of enjoyment on an otherwise washout of a day.

And I saw lots of families together enjoying the season. The costumes ranged from cartoon characters to animals--and there really were no ghosts or goblins or any of the darkness associated with the annual celebration.

I guess I just need to lighten up bit and enjoy the family oriented activity. I had a good time wandering aroud visiting the shops and chatting with the family.

Being together as families, that is the most important part of the activity.

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