Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Down Day

I'm taking today off.

A respite from the frenetic pace of life.

I slept in late--OK until 7 AM, when normally I would already be at work.

A three-day weekend of my own creation.

What a concept. A Bob Holiday!

And so, armed with my coffee and with my faithful dog at my side I am facing the world as the sun peals away the veil of darkness looking at the leaves which are falling to the ground in ever increasing numbers. Unlike snowflakes, though, there are only a finite number of leaves.

Soon the bare branches of the trees will be reaching skyward--straining to leave the bounds of earth, but still firmly rooted into place.

But, it is Friday. And I am at home. For a bit at least. To celebrate life and pretend, vor one day at least, that I am independently wealthy.

Maybe I should play the lottery?

No--the odds are not good enough.

So I will just enjoy the day and try to not consider the condition of my in box when I return to work on Monday.

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