Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Autumn Brilliance

It was stunning last evening as I was driving home from work. The cloudless sky was a brilliant blue and the autumn leaves on the trees were bathed in a golden sunlight that highlighted them in a way that made them almost shimmer of gold.

The road was strategically placed between the trees which were in full color along both sides with the blue sky straight ahead. It was a thing of beauty to remember.

I considered grabbing my phone and trying to capture an image while I was driving in traffic at a relatively high speed. I decided not to risk a serious accident and determined to etch the scene into my memory for later enjoyment.

Ah--but it was beautiful. The last gasp of autumn before the trees become barren and the grip of cold, unpleasant weather moves across the land. I heard that Denver is supposed to get almost a foot of snow as the seasons begin their irreversable change from autumn to winter. Ugh! Too much, too fast. I am very glad that I am here and not there.

I have noticed and enjoyed the brilliant, blue sky more since the weeks we recently suffered through of gloomy grayness. I love it when that orb in the sky, we call it the sun, makes a significant appearance and warms the land.

I truly appreciate the sun and its liffe-giving light contrasted against the cold darkness of the season ahead. Can it still be six months until the pool is open again?

There is so much to do between now and then. Life. Darkness. Cold. Snow. Rain.

But yesterday God gave me a memory for those times--the sight of the autumn robed trees bathed in the golden warm rays of the sun highlighted against the crystal blue sky.

- Bob Doan Elkridge, MD

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