Sunday, October 23, 2011

Around the Fire

A bottle of wine and some dinner around a cackling fire in the fire pit as the sun set and the temperatures began to descend was how we spent the evening. It was great to be outside, free of nuisance mosquitoes and enjoying the clear soon to be crisp air.

Grasses around the Pool
We chatted about the passing season and noticed how the trees were shedding their leaves in ever increasing numbers.

The grasses around the pool have donned beautiful blooms which give them a completeness they lacked all season. I was going to cut them down for the season yesterday, but gave them a break so I could enjoy their autumn beauty just a bit more.

It was cold overnight--our first night down in the 30's. October truly is slipping into November and I will appreciate each nice day more and more. I know the heavy clouds that pass by more and more are trying to bring snow instead of rain.
Pumpkins on the Porch

So I want to hold onto summer--just for a moment more before realizing that the pool has been closed already a month.

Yet--we did make a creative Halloween pumpkin stack to celebrate the season.

But it is still autumn, lol.

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