Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wet Earth

I love the smell of wet earth. The smell of the ground after the rain, while it is still damp and rich with the smells of life.

I mowed my lawn last evening and it was still not completely dry after the tropical storm induced rains of the past weeks. The smell of the new mowed grass combined with the damp earth--there was standing water in some places, created a combination of intoxicating odors for my nose to enjoy as I rode the John Deere around the yard.

I marveled at how there could still be so much water in my lawn and rejoiced that I was not being covered in the dust cloud that mowing my lawn usually creates. The thick cloud envelopes me, the tractor, and the pool causing me to wonder how the simple act of mowing could produce so much dust.

Not yesterday! The earth was damp and in places soggy. I could see the out lines of the tractor tires in some parts of the lawn.

But I got the job done.

Not too many more times I expect I'll be mowing the yard before the seasons change and the grass no longer grows.

But yesterday, the sun was beating down on me as I reveled in the warm day and the rich of odors. Sometimes, I think I can catch scents of the earth in some of the wines I drink.

I enjoy those wines.

I enjoyed being alone on the tractor yesterday, too. I looked at the house, the yard, the gardens and the area around the house marveling at the blessings that have been given to me. I vowed to notice them more and appreciate them more rather than letting them become a dim addition to the crowded landscape that is my life.

And then, almost too soon, it was over. I dumped the last of the clippings from the bagger and drove the tractor into the garage. Funny, I keep the tractor in the garage, but only one of my cars. Someone told me it was a two car garage. I guess it is a one car garage plus workshop/tractor shed/storage area.

I walked back to the center of the yard to enjoy that scent one more time. The wet earth and mowed grass.

Savoring the memory for a time, not too far away, when I will long to be mowing the yard on my John Deere.

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