Friday, September 9, 2011

Rain, more Rain

I have come to realize over the past week that rain is a four letter word.

In some regions of the world it is celebrated as salvation and deliverance from drought and provide hope for crops to grow and produce a bounty upon which people will survive for the next season.

In the Northeast--it means flooding, pain and suffering right now. We have had too much rain. I think of my sister in Houston and wish we could send some of the rain to her, here they really need it to help with the drought and to extinguish the fires which are destroying acres of land and many homes.

That understood, here in the Baltimore area we rejoice when it stops raining even for five minutes. Yesterday, it seemed as if we were able to walk Makayla between storms--but by evening again the rain was falling steadily.

Believe it or not, I could not find out how much rain has fallen since before Hurricane Irene visited--but I know I keep pumping water out of my pool almost daily and that the total must be well over six inches. We only average about 41 inches of rain a year.

Thankfully--it is not snow or we would likely be under 100 inches or more of that cold, white stuff.

But even so, I would like to experience the warmth of the sun again and to have my yard dry out enough for me to be able to mow it again.

All this really means, is that when the rain does stop, we will, for a bit, enjoy being outside and appreciate the opportunity to be out of the house for a bit.

Maybe tomorrow?

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