Friday, September 16, 2011

Moon over the Roof

I noticed the moon, full and bright
hanging in the predawn sky
while I was walking Makayla.

It was casting faint shadows on the ground
blotting out the stars in its immediate vicinity
in the still dark sky.

Hanging there.
The light given for the night.

I remember,
not too many weeks ago,
when it was light as I walked
Makayla this early in the morning.

Yet today,
it was 45 degrees outside.
I am going to have to wear a jacket
ver my Aloha shirt
when I head off to work.

September is full of seasonal changes.
I guess swimming season in the pool is over
and I need to begin planning for that saddest day of the year
when I give in to the changing seasons
and close the pool.
I do not enjoy looking at the green mesh covered pool
during the months from late-September until late-April.
It is as if the fun
has been taken from the world.

But the moon shines bright
on my rooftop. Bathing my world
in the cold light that it provides.

Whispering into my ear
that change is near.

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