Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday Musings - September 5, 2011

1. Happy Labor Day. I hope the weather is good wherever you are celebrating because it is rainy and downright cold in upstate NY.

2. I have been enjoying sleeping in a bit this weekend--I wonder if I should change my arrival and departure times at work so that I can enjoy sleeping in on a regular basis?

3. It is definitely football season, I have watched more college football games this weekend than I can remember watching in a long time. And I am looking forward to the Maryland-Miami game to closeout the weekend this evening.

4. The saddest part about holiday weekends is going back to work.

5. I was reviewing the projects still on the plan for this year and realized that I am beginning to get a bit behind--crown molding in the dining room, new decking, and cleaning the garage attic. Ugh.

6. I've been asked when I plan to close the pool a lot lately. Truth is, I don't know. Sometime between now and October.

7. Wineries are a good reason to visit the Finger Lakes region of NY. We visited three on Sunday morning and plan to visit two more on our trek back to Elkridge later today.

8. I found out what the combination of blooming golden rod, fresh cut hay, and newly mowed lawn causes. Nasal congestion! Break out the Claritin and Flonase.

9. I love the sound of a quiet house in the morning before everyone gets up. Maybe that's why I get up so early.

10. If the postal service defaults and mail delivery stops, do we still have to pay our bills that we won't receive?

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