Friday, September 2, 2011

Labor Day Weekend 2011

Holiday weekends--aside from been three-day weekends, seem to excite everyone who gets to enjoy the time off. Planning for a short trip to visit family or just to travel a bit provides a much needed break from the routine of life.

Holiday weekends also provide a reason for families to get together and to celebrate being a family. I am looking forward to spending time with family just being family this weekend.

Labor Day is also one of the holidays which marks the passing of a season: the transition of summer into autumn. Although the season doesn't actually change until later in the month--it is essentially the autumn after Labor Day--which is in reality the last weekend of summer.

I can't believe it is September already. I always feel a bit sad for Ethan in September because for our family it is the beginning of a fairly aggressive birthday season which does not end until his birthday in April. It is tough being the tail-end-charlie for all of the birthday celebrations. I think everyone is a bit birthday weary by the time mid-April rolls around, but his Mom goes all out for him to compensate.

Travel, birthdays, cooler temperatures, and shorter days--September is all of these.

I will strive to keep the pool open a few more weeks--but it is already so cool that I'm not sure anyone really wants to spend time in it anyway. And propane has become so expensive that I probably won't heat it up, either.

Whatever your plans are--

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend. If you get to celebrate by having three or more days off, then celebrate. If you have to work--celebrate having a job, these are hard times. If you are traveling, be careful and thoughtful of others who are traveling with you either on the roads or in the planes, trains, and busses which will likely be full.

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