Saturday, September 3, 2011

Haze Covered Hills

As we drove to Ithaca yesterday, and again this morning, I noticed the haze covered hills far in the distance like a collage by some famous artist.

The hills stretched into the distance and t one point I counted four distinct ranges--each more faint to my eyes, but still there. And as the road covered the miles the distant hills were replaced by more distant hills.

Endless it seemed.

The farmers are out working the fields bringing in the hay. Big circular bales lie in the fields ready for the winter season ahead.

There is so much work being done--even on a weekend when the weather is good.

I'm thankful that I get most of the weekend off.

But it was good to get back to an area where the landscape is defined by the majestic hills lending character and texture to the scene. And of course, that haze reminds me of the dog days of summer--one of the final weekends before the season changes for good.

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