Thursday, September 1, 2011

Doctor Day

Some days just need to be devoted to things we don't like to do. Like going to the doctor.

That was my day--two different doctors who coordinated to make my life just a bit more difficult by loading me up more tests and scans.

All because I've had a killer headache for almost two weeks.

But I feel thoroughly violated (not really), but I do appreciate the diligence that they both used in examining my symptoms and trying to find something. Failing that, the kicking team came on the field and we punted.

At least it was a beautiful afternoon--enjoyed from the inside of medical arts buildings.

Maybe some answers in a week or so.

Till then--take a couple pills and call me if it gets too bad. (It already is).

But both of them are really nice and I enjoy talking to them because they listen and try to put things together, much like I do.

By the way, did anyone notice that August 2011 is history?

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