Sunday, August 28, 2011

Waiting for the Dawn after Irene

The wind is still roaring outside and the rain is falling, The sump pump comes on every 15 or so minutes to keep the lower level dry.

It is dark--I am waiting for the dawn so I can begin to assess the damage and to begin the clean-up after the storm.

Makayla is here with me on the sofa--with each renewed gust of wind we check the windows to see what is happening, but we cannot see outside, yet.

I have grown weary of the constant hurricane storm reporting that the local news channels are providing. How many times do I really need to see people standing in the wind and rain telling me not to go outside. Duh!

Why are they outside?

I saw one reporter yesterday trying to hang onto the railing behind him because the storm was blowing so hard. Go inside!

Although sunrise is still about 30 minutes away, I am beginning to see the initial reflections of light as the dawn attempts to break through the storm.

I am afraid to look--I expect debris, water, and probably downed branches to cover the yard and fill the pool.

Church was already canceled for today, due to the weather. Smart move on their part.

But--as I hear the wind howl, I know the storm is not over, but there will be so much to do.

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