Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tuesday's Trauma portends a Wild Wednesday

Life this week has been off on an incredibly fast pace.

In addition to recovering from a four-day weekend it seems that as this is the last week before the school year begins, everything everywhere must be done.

I have been confronted with a lot of "the lasts" as I call them.

The last week of freedom for teachers.

The last week of vacation--and it seems that everyone is beginning to return from where ever they have been hiding out all summer.

The last weekend of freedom is upon us.

The last month of summer.

And the list goes on.

It is a bit sad that there are so many lasts and so few firsts.

There are a few, but they are more traumatic than memorable.

The first day of school for the school year comes to mind.

We need more memorable firsts--but then, we have had a whole summer already to accomplish the firsts.

And then there is the pace--more requirements, shorter turn around times all complicated by malfunctioning or ineptly deployed IT equipment.


I never really used to look at Wednesday as hump day--except this week, it truly is the day to get over the hump and start the downward slide into the weekend.

I guess I should stop comparing last week to this week, because last week Wednesday was the equivalent of my Friday as I went off on my FIRST trip to Newport, RI.

Hey--there was a positive first near the end of summer.

Maybe I can find other firsts hidden in the agenda of today and then I can change the day from Wild Wednesday to Wonderful Wednesday.

Why don't you help me look?

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