Thursday, August 11, 2011

Stock Market Down but Orioles Up

The world economies need a lift--the trend for the past couple of days is down--which is not surprising given the state of the financial management we are witnessing by some countries, ours included.

France apparently has had the bubble burst. China is next, I believe. At least as I read the overseas news this morning it appears that the panic has subsided a bit and the markets are rebounding. We are being held hostage to investors--think about it, investors and businesses and not leaders and politicians.

They are looking for someone to hit a home run and lead them out of the darkness.

Last evening I experienced such a feat. After blowing a 4-0 lead to the Chicago White Sox, the Orioles managed to get the game into the bottom of the 10th inning. The Orioles have been losing twice as many games as they have been winning lately, so the mood in the stands was pretty negative.

A hero was needed.

And for one moment at least, a hero was found. That hero, in the form of Nolan Reimhold #14 who had been hitless in four previous trips to the plate, crushed a ball over the left centerfield fence for a game winning walk-off two run shot that for a moment soothed the savage fan in all of us. As we left the stadium to the sounds of my favorite baseball song Oriole Magic, spirits were soaring.

I wonder who the hero of the world economies will be? But, with all of the bad news, one is truly needed. Even one who has been hitless before can do some good and calm things down.

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