Thursday, August 18, 2011

Newspapers and news

Do you read a newspaper everyday?

I don't mean online--but actual newsprint with the ink smudging off onto your hands. The unique smell of paper and ink chock full of words and images of what is happening around the world.

I do read the paper--my choice is the Baltimore Sun because it haas a lot of local news and coverage of the Orioles as well. I also read other papers on-line, for instance I get the NY Times delivered to my email--so I get that perspective on the news, too.

I had an interesting discussion the other day though about reading the paper.

When I say I'm reading the paper, I mean sitting somewhere with the physical paper in my hands poring over the words and stories contained within.

Generationally, though, that interpretation/vision has changed. I was conversing with the twenty-something crown and realized that when they said they were reading the paper, they were referring to the online approach only--and their dainty hands never tough the real article.

Check it out. The simple phrase "reading the paper" has two very different visual images associated with it depending upon the generation of the reader/speaker.

My version has someone at a desk or in an easy chair reading a physical document; while the other is of a person at a computer somewhere reading the electronic media.

Does it matter? I guess not.

But we need to wonder, what other common references do we have that have fundamentally changed with the advent of the information technology age?

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