Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Musings - August 29, 2011

1. Irene, the hurricane, was not a very good house guest. But thankfully, Chris and I suffered little damage--mostly tree debris in the yard. I know many others were not so fortunate.

2. What a week it was--and I hope never to repeat. We had an earthquake and a hurricane packed into the week.

3. I was reading Aesop's Fables on my Kindle on the plane yesterday and ran across a few old lines to remember.

4. One of Aesop's stories reminded me of something so true--it is about how good, when connected to evil suffers the consequences of being associated with the evil. "Birds of a feather flock together."

5. I also enjoyed the story about The Flies and the Honey Pot--"Pleasure bought with pain, hurts."

6. I've been thinking about "joy" lately. And what is joy exactly as opposed to being happy or just feeling good. What really provides joy?  Is joy internal?  Can we buy or obtain joy, or is it a result of being satisfied with ourselves and our life?

7. I, for one, will be happy to see August slide into September.

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