Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday and the promise of the Weekend

We all do it.

That irrational belief that Friday is the last day of the work week and that all we need to do is suffer through it to find relaxation a sanity on the other side. And then we find out that the weekend is even more crazy than the work week.

This past week--coming off a short vacation, has been especially trying. I'm still in my summer mode, yet the work load has soared to full bore with the start of the post-summer activities. I wasn't mentally prepared for the change occurring so soon and so it took me too long to ramp up and I felt as if I was drowning in administrivia all week.

So, as I cruise into the weekend--the next to last weekend of August, I too am hoping for a sane Friday and I harbor the thought of even bolting through the door a bit early to use some of the extra ours I've accumulated this week.

I can imagine it even now: a deep breath as I charge the door coupled with the wish for blue skies so I can ride with the top down and the wind racing through my thinning hair as I drive up the parkway and begin the weekend wit my friends recounting the fun we had together last weekend while alsovcelebrating the last weekend before Howard County School teachers report for duty on Monday morning and summer vacation officially ends.

So today is really special.

It marks another one of those endings--the lasts I wrote about earlier in the week.

And it will be followed by a first--the first day of the start of another school year.


Who knew?

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