Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Earthquakes and Hurricanes

What a day yesterday was--the earthquake changed our collective view of the region and brought us a step closer to understanding how helpless we feel when the ground shakes and there is no place to hide.

For my part, I recognized the earthquake as the tremors built in intensity, but was really surprised at how much the building shook by the time it was over. It was weird watching the suspended ceiling move about on its own. I had a clock actually fall off my desk and break on the floor of my office.

And this was a relatively minor earthquake compared to the big ones of the west coast and the devastating one that recently occurred in Japan.

We will likely be talking about this earthquake for a longtime.

The news media was quick to press into earthquake coverage and there was localized damage--but mostly a lot of unsettled people. I came home to check on the items we have hanging on the walls--and we, fortunately, escaped with no discernible damage.

Next up--Irene. A hurricane taking aim at the Outer Banks or our weekend enjoyment.

Water, winds, loss of power, downed trees and a pool full of tree debris. What could be better than that?

I was reminded that one of the last hurricanes of significance blew through in 2003 and was named Isabel. What is it with "I" named storms?

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