Thursday, August 4, 2011

Beaches and Long Weekends

I considered sand this weekend while was at Ocean City. I remembered that during my recent vacation, we had to deal with precious little sand--because there were few beaches.

Ocean City is blessed with a long, wide, very sandy beach. Sand gets everywhere. Especially into places one wonders how it got there.

Much of that sand is kicked up by the tide and the surf crashing against the sandy beach--but still even walking along or over the beach--sand gets to be a nuisance.

Still--I love sand. I love beaches, too.

I was reminded how incredibly hot sand becomes during the daytime as it bakes in the summertime sun. Hot enough to blister the feet of small children. And then, remarkably, even remaining in the sun it begins to cool by mid-afternoon to a nice, soothing warmth.

I have seen that sand comes in many colors: black, gray, reddish, sand, and even pure white like the beaches of Sunset Key in Florida near Sarasota. It also comes in many textures--ranging between a very fine powder and very coarse.

Sand, next to water, may be the most voluminous substance on the planet--although I am not sure that this is fact, I sense it must be almost true.

And like water, sand can be a friend or a killer.

So as I sat on my beach chair firmly in the sand this past weekend thinking about the words to a song that goes--"suntanned toes tickling the sand," I realized that for all of its faults--I love sand. Sand goes hand-in-hand with long weekends, frozen drinks melting in my hand, and the sound of the waves crashing relentlessly against the shore.

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