Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Afternoon in the Airport

Yesterday afternoon, as I was trying to get home on an earlier flight, I got to spend some alone time in the Denver airport again. It is almost becoming a home away from home.

I love sitting in the restaurants looking out at the airliners coming and going and imagining that I was part of the operation going on out there. The activity levels are everywhere. Aircraft moving, baggage being trucked around, passengers being embarked and disembarked from the air vehicles.

I sometimes wonder what kind off wonder our forefathers would have at seeing what we have become as a nation. I used to fly United a lot--but now it seems I am a Southwest traveler.

I love saying that "I'm flying first class today" whenever I board a Southwest flight. It always gets a giggle from both the passengers in the area and the crew.

I guess I love being around air operations because it reminds me of olden times when I was a young lieutenant at a Strategic Air Command B-52 bombardment wing.

Those were the days. Like now, I knew that I was part of something important. God forbid that the bombers actually had to do the missions that the crews were trained to do--but if they did, I wanted to be sure they had every opportunity for success. That is what it was like during the Cold War.

I can barely believe that sitting in Denver, reminded me of all of those times. And friends long ago forgotten.

Thanks Patrick for posting that picture of me in my Captain's uniform with Nicole on my leg back in those good old days. I'm not even sure you were born yet when that image was taken. You have rekindled long forgotten memories of a different time and place.

And all while I was sipping a beer in Denver waiting as a stand-by passenger for a flight home that I made.

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