Saturday, June 18, 2011

Winnebago or Bust

There was a time, not too many years ago, when my dream of retirement was wrapped up in a huge motor home towing my car behind me on the open road headed to wherever my heart desired.

I would see those big RVs on the highway and begin salivating in my mind about how to acquire one to experience the freedom they represented.

Ah, the thought of the open road--by the way, have you seen an open road lately? Mine are all jammed with traffic and patrolled by police looking to supplement the state coffers by writing as many nuisance tickets as they possibly can. The other day, I saw three of them patrolling a five-mile stretch of Route 100. Ugh!

Now though, the dream is gone. I do not see these behemoths of the highway as being any fun at all. Slow, gas guzzling, hard to park, huge to drive RVs that lumber along and surely cannot be any fun at all in city driving areas.

It all just doesn't seem to be any fun to me now.

Big vehicles, lumbering along and congested highways.

Maybe a couple decades ago--but now, I'd rather fly, get to my destination and enjoy time not on the road.

I guess I've lost the dream. Maybe I just realize that the roads are not getting any less congested.

And then, I haven't listened to Willie Nelson sing "On the Road Again" in a really long while.

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