Thursday, June 9, 2011

When Having Fun Becomes a Daily Trial

I firmly believe we need to have fun living life as much as possible.

Some areas of life are not much fun--but others need to be fun and when they stop being fun it is time to examine what's really going on. 

I've been struggling lately on the racquetball court--and something that I love has become a trial every time I step onto the court.  And it is not that I am losing--I know how to lose, it is that I continue to do dumb things and don't seem to be learning from making the same stupid shot over and over again. I am allowing my frustration with myself to take the fun out of something that I love doing and something that helps me remain sharp and in shape.

I hate running for running sake--the only time I apprecaite running is when I'm being chased.

And the are other areas of life which can become a fun black hole if we are not careful.

Perspective--that is what we need. remember why we do some of the things we do--because we enjoy them. And when the enjoyment is gone, then it is time examine a bit deeper what is going on.

So last evening as I was floating in the pool, I took a moment to examine the stress I'm putting on myself in areas that I don't need to carry stress and I resolved that I am going to start having fun again and not get so tight about these things.

i mean--I do some things because I enjoy them.  So I need to enjoy them again, and have fun.

I have enough things in my life that are not fun and are really serious.  So I need to really guard the line and not allow recreation activities to cross over into the the realm of life and death type of situations.

I'll let you know how this works out for me.

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