Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tell the Truth (really?)

I had an interesting discussion the other night about being truthful.

The conversation started over a career opportunity that was being considered and once we pealed away the layers we got down to the basic question of:

Why don't we tell the truth when asked important questions?

Why, I began wondering in my mind and we pursued the discussion--apparently because we don't want to hurt the other person's feelings (OK--that is a good point). So maybe there is an upside?  probably not.

When we are not honest in providing a response to a question, and the other person subsequently makes a decision based upon that answer--it is important to realize that we cannot and must not harbor ill will. One person makes a decision in good faith based upon the input from another--and somehow usually the decision-maker becomes the problem.  How unfair is that when the problem is the person providing the defective answer.

It happens with a lot of things--purchases of big things like houses and cars, and washers and dryers. It also happens when dealing with vacation spots and finances.  It is amazing how we play the martyr and not tell the truth and then expect compensation. Have you ever heard someone say: "I hope you are enjoying your vacation, because I didn't want to come here at all!"

That's wrong.

OK--note to self--there are a couple of things we probably shouldn't respond truthfully to if the results are bad and these are usually those leading questions from women about age, weight, and looks!  So guys, keep that in mind--I'm reminded of the Geico commercial about Honest Abe trying to answer his wife in a leading question he was asked.

Despite these few exceptions though,we need to be truthful with each other--say what we mean and mean what we say.

And, tell the truth--really (mostly?)!

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Anonymous said...

I so agree! I am so tired of everyone saying what they think the other person want to hear. Just be honest!

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