Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Begins

It is much like a movie--and so it begins. At 1:13pm EDT officially summer begins.


As most of you know I have been waiting for this day since September of last year.

The pool is open. The lawns are mowed. The heat is slowly being turned up outside and the trees and grass are green.

I am already enjoying the summer, even though it has barely begun. But last evening as I was cleaning the pool, I enjoyed the idea that the clear water possessed the capability to provide so much enjoyment and fun. And yes, I did take a quick dip even though the temperatures were only in the 70's.

But July and August are ahead.

And so is the heat and the ever oppressive dog days.

The next up holiday is the 4th of July.

And then, shortly after that it is off to to St Lucia and a much needed vacation.

The fireflies were out again last evening, too. Truly summertime is with us despite the slowness of the calendar.

Th first pool party of the summer is tomorrow. Bring it on.

And it all begins early this afternoon.

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