Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Musings - June 27, 2011

1. The sun has been playing games with me lately. Every time I get into the pool ready to enjoy it's warmth, it goes behind the sun. when it get out, it returns and begins heating things up again.

2. The hydrangea that ate Elkridge lives in my garden. It is huge!

3. The vacation season really begins to ramp up this week. We are busy almost continuously through the end of July.

4. I heard that gas prices are supposed to drop 50 cents a gallon by summer's end due to release of oil from the strategic reserve.

5. I just noticed, as I was writing the previous item, that the symbol we used to use for "cents" is not on my iPad. I wonder where it went?

6. I read a scary article about the TSA the other day. I will blog about it this week.

7. I am continually amazed at how quickly weekends seem to slip away. At the beginning of the weekend on Friday evening there are so many plans and the days ahead are like an open book. But, by Sunday evening, sitting exhausted in a vegetative state in front of the TV watching a mindless movie, the weekend has passed and taken a far different direction than that envisioned on Friday evening. It is true that life is what happens while we are making plans.

8. And here we are on the week before a holiday weekend, waiting for the holiday and struggling to get through the week.

9. I hooked up the automatic sprinklers Saturday and it is kind of uncanny sitting here listening to the sound of running water surging through the pipes.

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