Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Musings - June 20, 2011

1. I am amazed how much history is within such a short drive of our home. Battlefields, decisive happenings, and the homes of four of the first five Presidents: Washington, Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe. We really owe a lot to the Virginians.

2. Wine brings people together for conversation, laughter, and fun.

3. Chris was a trooper this weekend, she rode in the backseat all weekend as we traveled around.

4. Be wary of the GPS, they are not as smart as they would have you believe.

5. Rain is a game changer. Embrace it.

6. Organizational picnics, softball, and dunk tanks go together, so don't be surprised when you, too get wet.

7. Makayla loves to go for rides in the car. One word, road-trip and she is all about getting into the car for a ride. I don't know why she gets so excited, but it may have something to do with not being left behind. I don't like being lef behind, either.

8. I suffered through a pop quiz this weekend at Monticello and only got partial credit for my answer to the question: How tall was Thomas Jefferson? I said six foot two inches. The correct answer was six foot two and a half inches.

9. This is now my second blog entry from my new iPad. I'm still getting used to it, but it works not all that bad, although pictures are a problem that I still need to address.

10. Thank you to my family for a wonderful Father's Day. I'm sorry that many of you couldn't spend time with me, but knowing that you wanted to really warmed my heart. Thanks for calling and making me feel loved and for loving me enough to allow me to go off on a wine/history weekend and miss spending some all-too-short time with you.

11. And so another week begins as the year slides into half gone and the sun climbs to it's most northerly position in the sky tomorrow. Summer is upon us and it is all downhill from here.


martysip said...

Re: #3 and #7 - Is there a cause-and-effect between the two? Was Chris in the backseat because Makayla had to be in the front? If not, how come Chris "had to" be in the back? ;-)

Bob Doan said...

Good question, but no, no correlation. Two separate trips. Chris was in the backseat because Patrick got to ride shot-gun.

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