Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Musings - June 13, 2011

1. Weiner shouldn't have.

2. Storms remind us of the power of nature.

3. Note to friends: next time we hear the rumble of thunder, let's get out of the pool!

4. A bottle of wine, some cheese and crackers, and planked salmon--what could be a better evening?

5. Something that makes me appreciate the pace of life around the house on a day-to-day basis is watching two grandsons overnight! While they are a joy, they sure do turn up the energy level in the house.

6. I confess that I am not an NBA basketball fan anymore, but I was cheering for anybody other than the Miami Heat to win the championship--and it happened. Congrats to the Dallas Mavericks for putting the beasts of the NBA back in the box.

7. I watched a movie the other day and they postulated that riding the roller coaster of life and marriage is far more desirable than riding the merry-go-round.

8. A funny thing happened with the pool yesterday--I decided to add some heat so we could enjoy it better, but by the time the temperature got to the right place in the pool, storms came through and made it too cold to swim anyway.  Thankfully, we did spend a couple hours in the pool, even in its cool state earlier in the day. These 60-some degree nights are taking a toll on the temperature of the water.

9. I am in shock thinking about the upcoming summer vacation. We leave in less than four weeks. It is funny--over a year in planning is coming to reality and I'm still going to be in the panic mode when it actually gets here.

10. It is supposed to be cooler this week--I miss the 90's already!

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