Thursday, June 23, 2011

Last Northern Goshawk Killed

I read an article yesterday in the Baltimore Sun which really made me sad and outraged.

It was about a bird--but it shows that people are still really ignorant about some things--and among those things are wildlife, ecology, being green , and preserving life.

The article was about the last northern goshawk in the state of Maryland being killed. Actually, the headline was incorrect--because actually the last four were killed if you count the three dead chicks in the nest.

Why would someone shoot a bird--just because?

I guess because people shoot people, just because.

And it makes me sad that we, as a species, are so short-sighted and ignorant.

I love birds--and especially raptors. They bring a lot of joy to my heart as I watch them do something magnificent that I cannot do--and that is fly.  God blessed them with flight.

The loss of this bird and her chicks is something that will likely become a mere footnote in the history books of extinct species some day. I remember reading about passenger pigeons and how they darkened the skies, until they were hunted to extinction.

And now, I 've had to read about the last northern goshawk.

We must change or we will follow in their now silent footsteps.

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Jeremy Doan said...

Makes me sick.... And now the world is a little less magical for my boy....let's all please remember this planet is not ours.. We are but stewards for the next generation...

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