Friday, June 24, 2011

Early Morning Around the Pool

I was outside early Wednesday morning--working around the pool just after 5AM getting it ready for the afternoon End of the School; Year Party--depending of course on the thunderstorms which while forecast never materialized. And the party was a smashing success. Although I was late getting there because Ethan broke his arm and needed some Pop-pop help.

After the Party
The light was just beginning to grace the eastern sky as I was out there working and I could see bats chasing their meals above me in the twilight sky.

The automatic pool cleaner needed to come out of the pool as I had let it run overnight to get everything as ready as possible for the day ahead. Work, party, and sleep. What a combination.

I remember the morning--it was humid, with some rain falling during the night and the temperature staying in the 70's. The smells hanging in the air were familiar summer smells of mown grass and decaying plant matter. I considered, for a moment, jumping into the pool for an early morning swim--but for some reason thought better of it and decided to stay dry. I think the thought of going inside to the air conditioned house and being cold was the primary reason, and I didn't have enough time to stay outside and dry off.

Chris did a day trip to NYC with Jodie and Troy yesterday. I am glad that she is not only able to hit the road now that school is over, but that her attendance with them is wanted. There are some big decisions that are going to need to be made--and she has a way of helping to cut through the noise and get to the root of the issue at hand.

It was too bad the O's had a day off last night because it would have been a good evening to sojurn to the ballpark for a game--but there is always next week. I am going to a game tonight AND they are in town next week while Chris is planned to be away again.

Maybe I should jump into the pool next time I'm out there early in the morning. Why? Just because.

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