Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I took a moment the other day to consider my dog, Makayla.

It was as I was selling an old dog crate which had been in storage for a couple of years and the person who was buying it brought his puppy along to check it out and give it her seal of approval--which she did. He had had the puppy for three days--and so was still getting used to its habits and was also in the middle of trying to get it trained.  A never-ending process it seems.

I allowed Makayla out to play with the puppy--who was very accepting of the bigger dog. And of course, Makayla was fantastic with the puppy and made her feel welcomed and safe.

Makayla: Duck Hunter!
As I was chatting with the puppy's owner, I mentioned a few of the dogs that I have had as friends in the past, specifically Meghan and Nufi; and how they were great, well trained companions, as is Makayla.

I love looking into Makayla's eyes--which I do nearly every day, and seeing the calm acceptance looking back at me from her furry face. I was also reminded of her as a puppy, and now a dog and how she in three short years has developed into such a faithful companion.

Where would we be without dogs to fill our lives with unconditional love and acceptance?

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