Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bring on the Heat

I have heard people remark about the temperatures soaring from the 60's to the 80's and 90's without really visiting the 70's during the past couple of days.  And it truly seems like we are enjoying those mid-July type temperatures for a bit.

Last evening after I finally made it home through some of the worst traffic I have experienced since the last three day weekend after being soundly spanked on the racquetball court, I fully appreciated my oasis in Elkridge. The pool was already in shade but the sky above was clear and blue. The trees were full and green standing tall against the sky. Every time I see the leaf filled crowns of the trees I remember the barren branches of the seasons past and I appreciate the trees and their leaves all that much more.  The temperature was 90-something and the water was warm and inviting--almost too warm.

Chris and I sat in the humid evening talking about the day and the continuing struggles of life, and then I was onto a floatie in the pool with a glass of wine for some unwinding.

So--yea, when people talk about how hot it is, I sometimes forget that I am blessed with an oasis in the middle of suburbia where I can sit under palms (literally) and enjoy tropical hibiscus flowers while sipping an evening glass of wine before firing up the grill to cook the catch of the day.

My oasis is surrounded on three sides by tall and very green trees which separate us from the noise and clamor of life occurring around us.  The house shields us on the fourth.  Our solitude is pierced only by the incessantly repetitious noise of the ice cream truck--which I have to admit if I had the means, I would consider reducing it into a flaming pile of rubble. The sounds that single machine creates are the most offensive to my solitude that can ever be imagined. And the noise of the ice cream truck continues in my mind long after it has departed the neighborhood.

But I do so love this time of year--these first real days of summertime heat.  

Bring it on--enjoy it. We all will too soon be wishing for summer again when the temperatures drop below 40.

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