Thursday, May 19, 2011

Storms and Sun

This week has been stormy, rainy, and generally gloomy.

And that assessment is not only for the weather.

As I write this, one member of our extended family, Troy, is recovering in a hospital in NYC after having extensive surgery in his battle with cancer. And this is not minor surgery. But he is doing well--and the surgery had better than expected results.

So this week has not been a lot of fun.

I know the sun still shines above the clouds--I have witnessed the impressive spectacle of breaking through dark clouds and into bright sun and blue skies. We need to keep ourselves above the storms in the sunlight.

But it is hard.

Slogging through rain drenched streets and paths makes me wet.

And muddy.

It is hard to keep the mud off when it splashes everywhere--and so I have determined that being in bright sunshine is a state of mind which transcends the mud on my shoes.

But every time I look down--I see the mud and forget the sunshine.

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