Saturday, May 7, 2011


What is it about Saturdays?

They seem to be full of so much promise and potential that I hate to waste even a moment. But then, I also love the idea that I don't have to be anywhere in the morning and can watch the Today Show, drink coffee, rread the paper, surf the web, and take a couple hours to just soak it all in befire charging off on some mission to buy stuff to complete a project and keep myself busy the rest of the day.

Of course if i get bored, I can always go shopping. Like that is something I would ever look forward to doing.

But I am lucky.

The rhythm of my week is generally Monday to Friday with weekends off. So I can plan my weekend inactivity.

Others, do not have such a luxury. Someone has to work weekends, and nights. Their weekly rhythm is very different and perhaps changes every week or so. I wonder how they adapt to the differences and if they feel as if the world does not consider their contributions since they are outside the normal view of work and life? Although--from my experience being on vacation a couple of weeks ago I can report that shopping on a Tuesday is far more pleasant than fighting the Saturday crowds.

So as I sit here planning my Saturday, oblivious to the sacrifices of those who allow me to be relaxed and complacent, I need to pause for a moment to consider the health care professionals, the police and firemen, the military and civilians in the DoD who are standing guard or who are on watch protecting our borders, and even the postal person who will bring the mail later today so I can get my weekly edition of Time magazine before it goes on sale in the stores--I have it good.

The birds are cheering the dawning of the day outside my window--so I really need to get moving.

I love Saturdays.

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