Thursday, May 5, 2011

Outdoor Living

It finally happened this year.

Martha Stewart Lily Bay Outdoor Living
We found an outdoor living suite which we both agreed upon and in a moment of insanity or lucidity, we purchased the outdoor living furniture of our dreams to install under the deck next to our beloved, albeit underused, tiki bar.

As some know, it arrived yesterday at the house, unannounced, in three huge boxes which I needed to zip home and get out of the rain. Yes it is outdoor furniture so that dampness should not be a problem, but I hate playing with wet Chinese cardboard. Yes, it was made in and shipped from China.

The area looks fantastic and if we can keep the mosquitoes away long enough to actually enjoy sitting out there when the temperatures finally begin to stabilize somewhere above 75 degrees, I can imagine bottles of wine consumed with friends under the dancing light from the tiki torches as the evening falls and the bats begin playing in the air above the open space the is the pool.

It was too cold last evening to enjoy the newness for more than just a few minutes.

But my mind was full of visions of the future and the pool is open. All that is missing is--warmth!

But summer is coming! At least that is what the calendar says and we are ready for its arrival a bit more each day.

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