Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Musings - May 9, 2011

1. A day to remember Mother's.  And I realized--for a lot of people there is pain associated with the day. Raw emotions of loss and emotions of not being able to have.  Yet we are all children and it is a necessary time to remember Moms.

2.  A week later and he is still in the news--Osama bin Laden-that just tells me how much he affected all of us in his hatred for our way of life and the threat he posed.

3. I saw the locust trees were in bloom along the road and I remarked to Chris that I hadn't seen them around the house yet. But, as we returned last evening after the day in Annapolis, I smelled their sweet fragrance on the breeze and knew that while I hadn't seen them, they were still there.

4. Chris and I remarked while driving yesterday that the leaves have fully filled in the blank spaces of the trees. Spring has done its job and we are ready for summer. If only the temperatures would cooperate.

5. I have to brag a bit, as Chris and I were driving to Annapolis yesterday with the top down on the convertible, she looked at me and remarked: "I love this car on days like this."

6. I love the car every day--yesterday was just the icing on the cake.

7. Another reflection on yesterday's adventure: the day had every marking of a catastrophe in the making, nine people in four different vehicles with occupants on four different missions all coming together in a small crowded city to spend time together shopping and wandering around. BUT--amazingly, it worked, really well. Congrats to all. And dinner was a good choice, too. Next year, let's try to be a bit more green! But, maybe it worked because everyone knew they could pull out at anytime and no one felt trapped in a bad situation they could not extricate themselves from. And as it turns out--it wasn't bad.

8. Just a note on the Orioles. That sucking sound coming from Camden Yards is the Orioles season going down the drain unless they can figure out how to score more than 2.3 runs per game (last three games). For the season, the pitchers ERA is 4.77 and the batters are only scoring 3.91 runs per game--someone tell me how that is going to work out at the end of the season. I'm not a genius--but I can see that the math does not add up.

9. Discovered while shopping yesterday: there is one thing I do like to shop for and that is wine. Especially when samples are offered!

10. Coolest thing discovered when shopping yesterday--Himalayan Mineral Salt--it is a nice shade of pink.

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