Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mist in the Trees

Driving to work yesterday morning, I looked out over the trees
Blue-tinged mist was hanging in the green leaves
As the humid day got off to a full throttle start.
The dampness was everywhere, palpable
the smells of the maturing springtime into summertime were sweet
to my nose as I noted that the fully now green trees
were standing tall against the gray dark rain swollen clouds
waiting to drench the land yet again with rain
which to vast areas of our country has reached damaging flood levels.
And I thought of the tornadoes which ravaged Missouri
my sister and her husband live there, not too near but still there,
the trees I am enjoying this morning would be reduced to toothpicks
in the face of these horrific storms.
The mist was still--hanging in the motionless air
reminding me that the days are longer now
a short couple months ago I would be driving to work in the dark
with my only my headlights to illuminate the world
I never would have noticed the mist hidden by the darkness of the night.
I snuck a final glance at the mist in the trees
as the road dove down taking me beneath the canopy
where I could no longer enjoy the rolling green
which stretched out to the horizon,
undulating, like waves upon the land
happy that the springtime was blossoming into summer.

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