Saturday, May 21, 2011

Flowers of Springtime

Peony in the Evening Light
The flowers of late Springtime are now in bloom around the yard.

I love the smell of the peony, its sweet perfume like fragrance is intoxicating and the blooms are complex and full. I think many other flowers try to imitate the peony in terms of bloom fullness or fragrance--but truly, the peony is the the king--if only the stalks were stronger and they would stand straight up.

I can almost smell the one that is in the picture that I took last evening.

And the cascading clematis which we planted last year has not disappointed, either.

Its blooms are full rising up from the ground in a dark blue/purple mound.

I am enjoying the Springtime more and more this year as I experience again the rebirth of summer--and everyone knows that I am a summer-type of guy.

Clematis Mound May 2011
I am happy to be in Maryland--it snowed in Denver this week--twice.  Who really needs all of that in threir lives.

Although, I am sitting here waiting for the morning temperature to rise above 60 degrees so that I can begin my outside work after a week of storms and rain.

There is so much to do.

Butt the flowers make it enjoyable because every so often I can stop and enjoy their blooms and experience the moment just marveling at how diverse and awesome the world is--if only we allow ourselves to see it a bit.

I note that the magical temperature of 60 degrees has been met--and so it is off to labor in the yard and do the business of the day.

Happily--because good weather and the weekend are not terms which usually go together around here.

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