Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dynamic Duo Create Memorable House Concert Evening

Jill Sobule at Cellar Music
Friday evening, Cellar Music presented a formidable one-two punch of singer-song writers Ellen Cherry and Jill Sobule in what proved to be an enjoyable evening of music, wine and camaraderie. The venue continues to be an excellent and intimate place to enjoy music.

The crowd on Friday night was really into the music and allowed the performers to really highlight their abilities and their work. Both of the song writer-performers interacted well with the crowd and the closeness of the setting highlighted the well developed talents of both performers.

The wine, other drinks and the munchies that everyone brought also make this venue as spectacular place to interact with singer-songwriters. It is clear why the home concert venue is a superior place to support the arts--it is an enjoyable experience, not at all like being crammed into a stadium designed for sports activities and then trying to enjoy a performance at binocular range. Being able to interact with the performers on a personal level is what makes it all work.

ellen cherry
Ellen Cherry was a true surprise and a joy. She was the opening act of the evening and performed a single set of her own music. She has a clear, strong voice and her guitar work compliments her song style. Her music is very deep, and she touts the historical themes in her music which make her songs very meaningful and at times poignant.

Her guitar work was easy and smooth. The stories she told about each of her songs provided a great introduction to the songs--and her vocal work did not disappoint. I enjoyed her clear, strong voice coupled with her direct interaction with the crowd. She was a pleasure to meet and her music and personality fit very well into the house concert format.

Jill Sobule, the main act of the evening, performed two sets and demonstrated an innate ability to interact with the people at the concert. She has an easy personality which comes through in her music. Probably the highlights of the evening were the times when she got the crowd to sing along--even on songs that until she performed them, were unfamiliar to everyone.
Jill Sobule

Jill has a great sense of humor and her music reflects her unique perspective on the world. Her style is real--strong and self-assured. She interacted well with the people assembled to hear her music. She covered one song that she used to get the crowd singing along with her--and it worked very well as nearly everyone sang along with her. I think she truly enjoyed the response her music received from the crowd and she continued to make the evening an interactive experience through nearly every one of her songs.

Her songs speak to the pain and trouble she has experienced in her life. Her broken heart and the scars that she carries. She expresses her feelings in a sarcasm that while designed to make people smile or even laugh, but is is a thin veil for deeper hurt hidden in the song lyrics.

A great evening and a big thanks go to the hosts--Cellar Music--keep them coming, this was by far the best one yet.

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